Windshield / Windshield Repairs 101

Windshield Chips 101

"Chip Happens" 

Windshield Chips happen very frequently in Colorado.  Rocks, road debris, hail, ice, and many other objects can cause your windshield to chip or crack.

Although these images may look harmless, left in disrepair, these windshield chips can cause your windshield to crack and become unsafe.

The good news is that many of these chips or "stars" as they are called can be repaired saving the cost of a new windshield.  As long as the chip or small crack (less than 6 inches) is not in the direct line of site of the driver (or what is known as the "critical area"), it may be repairable potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.  Some insurance companies will actually pay for the repair of windshield chips or small cracks waiving your deductible.

How do chips get repaired?  The windshield repair technician will first drill a small hole into the rock chip.  Then the technician will apply vacuum pressure onto the hole.  An injection of resin is made into the windshield chip hole.  Once the resin has been injected, the technician cures the resin by utilizing an ultraviolet light.  Once cured, the excess resin is removed from the repair and the windshield in cleaned.  The repaired windshield is no longer in danger of cracking further from this chip.  You may, however, notice some distortion at the point of the repair as the resin will not be perfectly clear, but it is structurally safe.

What happens if I do not repair a chip?  Left in disrepair, your windshield chip will develop into a crack and most likely will end up ruining your windshield.  Temperature variations, car washes, or even extreme temperatures can cause your chip to turn into a large un-repairable crack.

When should I have the chip repaired?  The sooner the repair is done, the better the results will generally be.  Dust, debris and moisture can settle into the crack and cause blemishes or discoloration. 

What if I need a new windshield?  Most people do not realize that the windshield of your car, truck or van is an important structural component of your vehicle.  Therefore, a quality installation is essential to maintain that structural integrity.  Using the most advanced materials, such as a quality adhesive, is a critical element in the windshield installation process.

At Kuni Body Shop & Collision Repair, we offer windshield chip repair and windshield replacement while your car is in for service.  Most repairs or replacements can be made while you wait.  Call 303-416-8487 today to schedule your windshield chip repair or new windshield.

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