Don't Be Surprised by Hidden Damage

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Hidden Damage 101
When your vehicle has been involved in an automobile accident, what meets the eye may not always be a full diagnosis to the actual damages involved to your vehicle.  As part of the dismantling and repair process, we may uncover additional damages to your vehicle.

Just like a human being with internal damage you cannot visually see, your automobile may have suffered trauma to various components or systems that are not easily seen or detectable until a later date when the vehicle is being disassembled.

Today's modern vehicles are built for safety and have numerous safety systems built into the vehicle. The vehicle manufacturers build in crumple zones to many structural components.  Crumple zones are designed to collapse upon major impact substantially reducing and redirecting the force of the collision away from the human occupants of the vehicle.  The majority of these crumple zones are located behind the bumpers, under the hood, in the trunk and other parts of the vehicle hidden from the normal line of sight.

When you receive an "Estimate," it is exactly that, an estimate based on a visual inspection of the vehicle.  Prior to beginning the actual repair, at Kuni Body Shop & Collision Repair, we remove all the damaged parts and design a "Repair Plan."  The repair plan permits us to locate and map-out all of the damages and to verify parts and systems integrity.  Once accomplished, we then communicate with both you and, if they are involved, your insurance company with all of the costs and repair operations associated with the repair.

Our focus is to fix your car right?fast?the first time!  Your safety is our primary concern.

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